Post-Apocalypse: Night Of The Comet

Post-Apocalypse: Night Of The Comet

The second design in our Post-Apocalypse collection is the 80's gem, Night of the Comet!

Night of the comet

This movie has everything zombies, people turned to dust, badass women, and evil doomsday scientists... oh and it's Christmas!

Night of the Comet, released in 1984, takes place in Los Angeles while a comet, that hasn't been seen since the dinosaurs ruled the Earth, passes by. People fill the streets, hold block parties, and wear space-themed headgear to welcome the mysterious celestial visitor. Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) and Samantha (Kelli Maroney) are sisters with a special forces father that has raised them to take no shit! 

During the comet watch party Sam and Regina's stepmother Doris, who is obviously seeking the attention of other men while their dad is away, gets in a fight with Sam and displays the most ridiculous mom punch in movie history. It takes you by such surprise you're left wondering, "Damn did 80's moms punch all their kids like this?!" While Sam is joining the UFC, Regina is blasting aliens on an arcade game, dodging her job. Everyone else is out trying to get a glimpse of the Comet, Sam is hiding in a shed from Doris and Regina is making whoopie with a guy in the projection room of the El Ray movie theater. They wake up the next day to a completely changed world.

Comet dust

Those who experienced the comet directly turned to dust and those less fortunate are now cannibalistic zombies! The movie follows Sam and Regina as they navigate this apocalypse to the radio station where they hope they can make contact with someone who isn't a zombie. In perhaps the most iconic scene from this movie Sam and Regina are trying out new weapons on some useless cars. They are using Mack-10's in the shooting of the scene and the guns constantly jammed, something they are notorious for, and in the best line of the movie Kelli Maroney improvises

"See this is the problem with these things, Daddy would have gotten us uzis."

Night of the comet uzis

We think it's awesome that some of the best lines in movies were never in the script!

The movie starts to drag a little bit into the 3rd act where the group of scientists held up underground to survive the comet come into play. In classic evil scientist fashion they didn't bother to tell anyone else the dangers of the impending space rock and only saved themselves. The joke was on them however, in their infinite wisdom they somehow forgot to close the air vents and now the entire facility is slowly transforming into zombies. They need human subjects to develop a cure and Sam and Regina get scooped up under the guise of rescue. It's pretty wild that they are harvesting children to develop this cure it just goes to show no matter what monsters roam the Earth humans are still top of the douchebag charts. 

Night of the comet scientist

Night of the Comet gives you all the 80's optimism, consumerism, and hope for the future. The surprising and endearing aspect of this movie is the strong female leads that use their smarts, braun, and femininity in a really cool way that makes us excited to show our daughters, Maggie and Penelope, how badass women handle the Apocalypse. 

Night of the comet girls cop

In this design we wanted to showcase Sam and Regina's badassedness with a proper action movie poster displaying them as the heros they are.  

Night of the Comet shirts


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