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Chop Top Record Shop

Chop Top

Welcome to the CHOP TOP RECORD SHOP!

What if Chop Top decided to say "To Hell with Grandma!", stole all the records from KOKLA radio station, and left the family business to pursue his passion for music?

Well in that alternate reality we wanted to make a shop tee for him to commemorate the grand opening! At the CHOP TOP Record Shop you can find the grooviest tunes for the music lover in your life! 

Red River Rock 'n' Roll


We love Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. Tobe Hooper brought out all the ridiculous, over-the-top, madness that we can't get enough of. The movie is just fun. The music, the Tom Savini bloodbath, and of course Bill Moseley as the iconic Chop Top. The amount of one-liners from this movie can have you quoting it for the rest of your life, probably to the detriment of your relationships, but they can lick my plate!

Dennis Hopper

Tobe Hooper's focus on the black comedy lets all the characters embrace the outlandish world the Sawyer family lives in. The sets all feel like labyrinthian haunted houses. Especially the cave dungeon at Texas Battle Land, which in real life is the closed Matterhorn amusement park in Prairie Dell Texas. The trap door scene where Stretch (Caroline Williams) suddenly falls down a shaft and continues falling for a comically long time is, the best. It is a fall into a pit of hell for sure. 

Texas Battle Land

There are so many things we love about this movie but the real stand out is Bill Moseley as Chop Top. From the first time you see him on the couch in the radio station he's a wild juxtaposition - a music loving hippie, Vietnam Vet, cannibal murderer with a metal plate in his head. Oh and a bent coat hanger he heats with a lighter to scratch his oozing head wound - amazing. Everything he says is golden and remains some of the best quotes from any horror movie ever made. 

Chop Top

How Bill Moseley became Chop Top is pretty interesting. Moseley made a short film parody called The Texas Chainsaw Manicure, he played the role of the Hitchhiker. Some how Moseley got it into the hands of someone who then got it to Tobe Hooper. Hooper loved him in the the role and when it was time to cast for TCM2 he called Moseley for the Chop Top role. Thank the gods for The Texas Chainsaw Manicure because I do not want to live in a world where Chop Top is played by anyone else. 

BTS Chop Top

To celebrate Bill Moseley and Chop Top we wanted to add to the universe where he exists. The CHOP TOP RECORD SHOP makes for a fun place to go snag some records and eat some homemade award-winning chili! With each variant we wanted to bring the 70's vibe, we truly hope you dig these as much as we do! 


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