Lance Stephen Toxic Coffin About Us

Hey Ghouls and Graveladies,

We are Lance and Stephen, two spooky dudes that love Halloween and all things horror. We’ve been best friends since high school, we were in bands together, went to college, and started families along the east coast. 

Watching horror movies became one of our favorite pastimes back when our local video rental place, the illustrious Video Fan of Richmond, VA, was the only place to find horror gems. We solidified our bond by constantly recommending and discussing out favorite scenes, kills, and music scores. When we went our separate ways after college, spooky movies glued our butts together. We committed to spending Halloween together whenever possible and binged movies until we passed out. 

In 2018, the Horror Gods convened and we found ourselves living in the same town again: Kill Devil Hills (sick horror name), NC. We’ve always wanted to start a company together and so begins the start of Toxic Coffin. We are stoked to bring Halloween, horror, and the world of high strangeness to life. Stay tuned, follow along and stay spooky!